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Mud Engineering

Mud Engineering

Orevstar Energy Limited (OEL) is the leading indigenous Oil and Gas services company that specializes in Mud and chemical engineering; with professionals in mud testing services we proffer standard prescription with regards to mud treatments which helps to maintain mud weight, properties and chemistry within recommended limits.
Our field engineers work closely with the rig superintendent to identify and share information about mud properties and expected treatments and any changes that might be needed.
Our Drilling Chemical has been carefully manufactured and professionally applied for optimal result.

We always ensure to understand the drilling needs and requirements of our client drilling operations so as to provide satisfactory mud systems, best and modern technologies and skilled personnel in order to provide cost effective mud engineering services and eliminate down-hole problems with the intention of delivering a project within clients specified time and budget without compromising HSE, industry standard and Quality.
Our experienced and well trained mud engineers have the capabilities to run various types of mud systems under different well conditions which includes but not limited to;

Synthetic oil based system
Diesel oil based system
Dispersed water based system
Low pH desco system
KCI polymer system
Polymer glycol system
Silicate system
Non damaging drill in fluid system
Breaker Solution for both open and cased hole completion
Potassium sulphate inhibitive system

Orevstar Energy Limited (OEL) provides state of the art and unique mud engineering services to enable oil and gas production companies’ drill, complete and produce oil and gas wells efficiently and effectively.