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Posted - 7 April 2020

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, ship consumer goods or products overseas, transport petrochemicals or oil, your livelihood, and that of your employees depend on your cargo ships. For this reason, you need all your business marine service activities to run smoothly. Most oil companies and its staff members face some challenges, which is never always easy, especially when riding your marine vessels. Some of the things that would be done by a small logistical staff include the scheduling of ships, recruiting new staff, and also training them. All these can become so burdensome very quickly for the company. But, fortunately, you now have an option that will help your company where necessary. This article will discuss some ways Orevstar Energy Limited can help your marine business grow or expand through the provision of their marine services.

Supply of Offshore Vessels

The oil and gas markets have experienced tremendous growth. For this reason, there has been an increase in the demand for offshore vessel services. To ensure offshore vessels are safe, reliable, and compete, they must go through a revolution. This revolution has now made them be one of the most technical and elegant vessels on the sea. Below are the various offshore vessels we can supply based on the kind of operation they perform:
  • Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
  • Guard Vessel/stand-by,
  • Seismic Survey Ships
  • IMR vessels. The IMR means to Inspect, maintain, and Repair,
  • DSV (Dive support vessel)
  • OCV (Offshore construction vessel),
  • ROV (Remote operated vehicle) support vessel,
  • AHTS vessels (Anchor handling tug supply)
Orevstar Energy Limited works at delivering a vast range of auxiliary lubricants, both synthetic and mineral. These kinds of hydraulic and gear oils have been designed specifically for the number of various onboard pieces of equipment, which include winches, thrusters, and cranes. One of the advantages of our whole range of maritime greases is that they are the best for any bearing that is prone to a critical condition. This grease also possesses anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties. In addition to what we have just mentioned above, Orevstar Energy Limited will provide you with various kinds of Environmental Acceptable Lubricants (EALS) that are synthetic so that they will not go against the regulations of the regional environment. Orevstar BIO greases and lubricants are the best to use with pieces of equipment of deck. Orevstar Energy Limited often addresses the entire operational challenges offshore vessel owners faces. The personnel of our worldwide logistics make sure that our customers can get us at any location of their choice. Delivering to any location is not a problem for us as we are able to deliver the appropriate and best marine lubricants or greases that you need and will also offer you the best technical support that you have been looking for. Are you in dire need of some outstanding marine services around you? Look no further than Orevstar Energy Limited. Send us an email at [email protected] or contact any of our regional offices with a proposal on how we can help you with the best offshore vessel products and services.

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